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上周末,纽约州尤蒂卡市一个名叫比安卡·德文斯(Bianca Devins)的17岁小网红,被她相识仅两个月的21岁男友布兰登·克拉克(Brandon Clark)残忍杀害。她遇害时血淋林的尸体还被克拉克自拍,并在多个社交平台上挂了一天……

A recent high school graduate -- who cultivated an online following, particularly among gamers, by posting selfies -- was killed over the weekend.上周末,一名刚刚高中毕业的学生被杀。这名学生通过上传自拍照,在网上聚集了一批粉丝,尤其是游戏迷。The suspect then shared graphic photos of her dead body online, the Utica Police Department said.尤蒂卡警方表示,嫌犯随后在网上分享了她尸体的照片。

▲A man killed his girlfriend and then shared photos of her dead body on a gaming platform, police say (via CNN)


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Mr Clark allegedly posted gory pictures of the murder on his Instagram account, alongside a message reading: “I’m sorry Bianca.”据称,克拉克在自己的Instagram账户上发布了多张血淋淋的谋杀照片,并附上一条信息:“我很抱歉比安卡。”The photos were redistributed widely on online chat sites including 4chan and Discord, where some users made light of the teen’s death while others urged people to stop sharing the images.这些照片在包括4chan和Discord在内的在线聊天网站上被广泛转发,一些用户对这名少女的死亡轻描淡写,而其他人则敦促人们停止分享这些照片。Authorities began receiving calls about the photos around 7.20am on Sunday and were trying to find the teen when Mr Clark called 911 to report what he had done, Utica’s public safety department said in a statement.尤蒂卡的公共安全部门在一份声明中说,警方在周日早上7点20分左右开始接到有关这些照片的电话。正当警方试图找到这名少女时,克拉克拨打911交代了他所做的一切。Officers who tracked the call found Mr Clark stabbing himself in the neck.追踪到电话来源的警察发现了克拉克,他刺伤了自己的脖子。He then laid down on a green tarp under which Ms Devins’ body was found and took selfies before officers took him into custody, police said.警方表示,他当时正躺在一块绿色防水布上自拍,警方在防水布下发现了德文斯的尸体。随后,警方将他拘留。

▲Bianca Devins murder: Photos of teenage girl’s body posted on Instagram by boyfriend, police say (via Independent)





holy shit, instagram allowed photos of LITERAL MURDER to stay standing on the platform long enough for ppl to screencap/distribute it 天啊,Instagram允许真正的谋杀照片在平台上停留那么长的时间,让人们可以截图/发布if you can't control this kind of content, then what *can* you control?如果你不能控制这种内容,那么你能控制什么?



@instagram says they’re working on removing any and all mal-content involving Bianca Devins. I just reported several accounts which left comments saying awful things like she deserved it and making jokes about her death. They haven’t been removed or punished yet.Instagram表示,他们正在努力删除任何与比安卡·德文斯有关的不良内容。我刚刚报告了几个账户,这些账户留下的评论非常糟糕,比如说她活该,还拿她的死开玩笑。他们还没有被删除或惩罚。



@instagram literally reported an account that was posting pictures of #BiancaDevins AFTER she was murdered and this doesn’t violate your guidelines??? Disgusted.Instagram真的允许一个账号发布#BiancaDevins被谋杀后的照片,这不违反你们的指导方针吗??真恶心。



Bianca's family have slammed it as 'disgusting' that people took photos of her body. 比安卡的家人抨击说,人们给她的尸体拍照的做法“令人恶心”。They are begging people to stop sharing them online and have asked instead that they remember her in a positive way. 他们请求人们停止在网上分享这些照片,要求人们以积极的方式记住她。'It is absolutely disgusting that people are sharing, screen-shotting the pictures of Bianca’s tragic death!’“人们分享、截屏比安卡悲惨的死亡的照片,真令人感到恶心!”'I have seen the pictures. I will FOREVER have those images in my mind when I think of her.’ “我看过那些照片。每当我想起她,我的脑海中就会永远浮现出那些画面。”

▲Instagram under fire for letting gruesome photo of murdered girlfriend's body remain online for almost a DAY after her boyfriend, 21, 'slit her throat' and posed next to her corpse with the words 'may you never forget me' scrawled on the sidewalk (via Daily Mail)

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Instagram is facing a barrage of criticism after it allowed photos of murdered teen Bianca Devins’ corpse to remain online for a day. The tardiness comes in stark contrast to its strict censorship policies in other areas.Instagram允许被谋杀的少女比安卡·德文斯的尸体照片在网上保留一天后,遭到了猛烈的批评。这与Instagram在其他领域严格的审查政策形成了鲜明对比。The photo remained online for most of Sunday and Clark’s account wasn’t disabled until Monday. 这张照片周日大部分时间都在网上,直到周一,克拉克的账号才被关闭。Instagram is infamous for its speed at deleting images containing even mild nudity, such as women’s nipples, and it also has a policy of removing posts containing suicidal ideation, so the fact that photos of a murdered girl’s body were allowed to remain online for such a long time is perplexing.Instagram以速度删除包含轻微的裸体图片而臭名昭著。所谓裸体图片包括诸如女性的乳头等。它还有一个删除包含自杀意图的帖子的政策。因此,一个被谋杀的女孩的尸体照片被允许保持在线这么长时间,是令人费解的。

▲Instagram slammed for allowing photos of slain teen’s corpse to remain online for an entire day (via RT)



A spokesperson for Instagram said: “Our thoughts go out to those affected by this tragic event. We are taking every measure to remove this content from our platforms.Instagram的一名发言人说:“我们向那些受到这一悲惨事件影响的人们表示慰问。我们正在采取一切措施将这些内容从我们的平台上移除。“Our goal is to take action as soon as possible – there is always room for improvement. We don’t want people seeing content that violates our policies.”“我们的目标是尽快采取行动——当然我们做的还不够好,一直有改进的空间。我们不希望人们看到违反我们政策的内容。”

▲Bianca Devins murder: Photos of teenage girl’s body posted on Instagram by boyfriend, police say (via Independent)


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